About Andrea [ENG]

Dear friend travellers,

My name is Andrea, and I’m incredibly passionate about travel. Since I was a child, I have always travelled a lot, first with my parents, then alone, and now with my wife.

I love visiting new places, meeting different people, discovering other cultures, and then come back home to tell what I’ve learned.

Some years ago, I started organizing my travels on my own, but sometimes I like to take organized trip with tour operators. The choice depends mainly on the offer, both tourist and economic, and the problems that exist in visiting certain places, for example, security and language.

On the internet, finding offers is straightforward, but the risk is getting too much information. In this jungle, you may get confused by useless information, and get discouraged even before your departure.

This is why I decided to open this blog, to tell you my experiences and give you the chance to take advantage of everything I learned and experienced in first person.

Have a good reading and good journey!!!

Here you can find two maps with the places I visited: